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To provide you with a comprehensive, high - quality, systematic and complete set of solutions



At the beginning of the project, FCM can provide you with the following services:

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Field Visit                                        3D General Layout                         Biomass  3D General Layout

Desing Flow Diagram

FCM has rich design experience and provides you with one-stop service

We can carry on the field investigation according to the customer's demand, the spot consultation, according to the local conditions to provide the customer with the reasonable plan draft.

Can provide the plane or three - dimensional master plan diagram, in order to understand your project more clearly and completely.

Integrate the related supporting facilities, so as to avoid the design mistakes and losses caused by the previous thoughtless.

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Bargain on                                 Design steel structure and layout                  Desing the foundation


We can provide you with the design of steel structure and foundation drawings

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Production                                                  Product packaging                            Container shipment




Excellent design team, advanced processing technology, the use of new CNC machining equipment, to provide you with quality products

FCM's products are high quality, stable, efficient and cost-effective

We have rich experience in shipping at domestic and abroad, and pay attention to creating value for customers in every link.

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Guide installation of equipment            Guide installation of silos           Guide installation of steel structure

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FCM has a professional technical guidance team, professional engineers to provide you with the installation and debugging of the whole set of equipment, "1V1" tracking throughout the service, for you to create a turnkey project.



Professional technical training and guidance, to provide you with perfect after-sales service

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