About FCM

      FCM is specialized in manufactruing feed machines and complete plants in China with over 20 years' international experience in feed processing and complete plants.FCM feed machines have passed ISO9001:2000 international quality standard and obtained CE certifiate, and multiple design patents.

     To provide complete projects with overall superiority for customers, FCM organically combines of efficient equipment, technical know-how , professional and high-quality design and services in project management and varying specific conditions.FCM feed machines and feed mill plants are exported to five continents,Asia,Oceania,America and Europe.

     FCM is feed machinery, biomass machinery, storage machinery and other complete engineering manufacturing system solutions supplier.

     1.Feed machinery: FCM supply  2-150t/h livestock and poultry feed project, 1.5-40t/h premix project, 1-60t/ H aqua feed project, 0.5-20t/h pet food project,We provide turnkey project for you.

     2.Biomass machinery:FCM supply 1.6-60t/h biomass pellet mill plant.Useing wood logs,wood shavings,wood chips,sawdust,bamboo sawdust,rice straw ,wheat straw,etc cotton stalk,pasture,coal fines...etc rawmaterial to produce the biomass pellet fuel.

   3.Silo storage machinery: Use for grain,feed,rawmaterial etc fields.Spiral silo ecah 100-7000t,Fabricated silos each 100-1000t,conveying equipment 10-300t/h...

     Together is always stronger and we always work together with our customers for successful ending.

     Target:To be a global compan that develops technologies and innovates continuously and meets customer's needs.

     Duty:To create value for our customer and achieve double-win. 

North factory (new)

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